Blair Ebony Smith, PhD



Blair also known as lovenloops is a learner from Richomond, Virginia who loves to make celebratory spaces, art, and sound with Black girls and those who love them. As a DJ and homegirl with Black girl celebratory collective/band, Saving Our Lives, Hear Our Truths (SOLHOT), Blair deepened her love for Black sound, music and making space for Black girlhood celebration with Black girls. Currently, she is dreaming, teaching, and making space and sounds that open us to listening, slowly and voluminously, especially to Black girls, people and living beings. Her art and scholarship explores themes of memory, loops, home and gathering. Blair is currently an Assistant Professor of Art Education and Gender & Women’s Studies at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. In her free time, you can find Blair cruising to her Dad’s jazz mix CD’s, DJing, concert going and enjoying time with loved ones. 

Artist-Curator Statement 

Sound, music,  and art-making/design have always, already been apart of my daily love, living, being and studies. I find my sound and art through raw funk jazz-inspired tape-based loops of Richmond, Virginia, my family (my beloved parents whom I've survived), being with lovers and doing Black girlhood.


lovenloops as an artist-curator-scholar alter ego is a way for me to play with and remember self in relation to SOLHOT, earth/galaxies, home, lovers, Black girlhood/feminism. 

It is a way for me to meet people/non-humans/lovers where we are, with our dreams. It is a way for me to meet Black girls and Black girlhood where we are, in celebration beyond biological identity. lovenloops is a way for me to meet myself where I am. 

**CV available upon request

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