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What would it mean to co-create and be in a homemade space of interior world/space/planet making imagined for and with Black girls, women, and femmes as part of their everyday creative livelihoods?

Homemade, with Love: More Living Room is a multimedia installation that brings together interior design, audio and visual art made for and with Black girls. The exhibition seeks to merge local, national and global critical arts engagement with Black girls to curate a homemade space that believes in Black girls’ creativity, design, and lived experience. Homemade evolved, changed, rearranged throughout its time on view. A major part were Art Studio days that took place with local Black girls to create space in/out of the museum for our serious and creative play.

Contemporary Gallery 

Krannert Art Museum 

Champaign, IL

On View: August 27, 2020-Jul 3, 2021


design by Noel Spiva

IMG_9403 2.HEIC
IMG_9400 2.HEIC

Glimpses (2021)
film commissioned by Krannert Art Museum (me as curator of Homemade) produced and edited by filmmaker Kamari Smalls

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